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Passing of the Torch

Three solar cycles have passed since the Maximals arrived in the vicinity of Cybertron. Their ship has been prepped and is ready to launch. Tri-Fighter’s crew have had their sparks moved into new bodies. His crew has four members including himself. They are Cyberlink, StealthCat, Elita-7, and StarStreaker. (Note: Elita-7 and StarStreaker are female.)

“I’d forgotten how powerful these old bodies feel.” Tri-Fire says as he stretches out and flexes his arm. Tri-Fire was considerable large. This was to be expected since his beast mode was a Triceratops.

“It feels strange not having a beast mode,” Elita-7 says. She originally had a beast mode, but Optimus and Tri-Fire agreed that perhaps some of the soldiers should have vehicular forms instead. Elita was given a flight mode. (Note: Her flight mode looks like Optimal Optimus’ flight mode, only more the metals look more Cybertronian, like the Vehicons.)

“I know, it’s as if a part of me is missing,” StarStreaker claims. She also has a flight mode, very similar to Elita’s.

“I don’t know about you two, but I prefer my new form. My speed, power, and communication functions have all increased.” Cyberlink was the communications expert. His alternate form was a ground mode. (Think Optimal Optimus ground assault, only with Vehicon like metal.)

“I can’t wait to study your technorganic bodies. At first glance they are completely puzzling to me.” Technobot claims.

“Time for that later,” Optimus says. “We leave in 2 mega cycles.”

Mauler walks into the room, and he doesn’t look pleased.

“Problem?” Optimus asks.

“I just saw their so-called ‘arsenal’ of weapons.”

“Let me guess, not to impressive?” Optimus questions.

“That’s an understatement.” Mauler replies.

“We’ll have to settle with what we’ve got. Take Tri-Fire’s crew and board the ship. We’ll be joining you shortly.”

Mauler leads the three Maximals to the Autobot-1. Mauler was one of Optimus Major’s must trusted crew members. He had long served as his defensive coordinator at the colony. His bear beast form fit him perfectly. He was strong, and quite defensive.

“Optimus,” Technobot says, “I need to have a word with you. Alone.”

Technobot and Optimus leave the room. Tri-Fire sets out to finish gathering supplies for the voyage.

“Are you sure this is a good idea. We have no idea what we are getting into.”

“This is our home land. These are our fellow Maximals. We have no choice but to help them. Besides, we are just going to meet with their leader. We haven’t committed our selves to a suicidal war yet.” Optimus walks away to finish preparing for the launch.

‘If I know Optimus like I think I do, then his mind has already been made up to stay and fight, no matter how grim the situaion may be,” Technobot thinks to himself.

Two mega cycles later the Maximals have loaded up and taken off. The voyage will be dangerous due to the fact that their destination is under enemy control.

[Cybertron airspace will be breached in 10 clicks.]

“Activate harmonic scrambler,” Tri-Fire orders.

“Harmonics activated,” Elita replies.

[Cybertronian airspace has been breached.]

“How the slaggin’ heck did we get by undetected?” Hip-Hop asks.

“These harmonic scramblers were used in the technorganic wars,” StarStreaker answers, “We use them to mask our energy signatue.”

“We’re not out of the woods yet,” Tri-Fire informs them. “We still have to land.”

The Autobot-1 glides through Cybertron’s atmosphere. Luckily, there is no trouble.

“See that patch of technorganic trees over there, set here down among them.” Tri-Fire commands. He opens up the computer on his forearm and presses a few buttons. The ground around the trees opens up, and the Autobot-1 lands in the shaft.

The Maximals exit the ship. They begin the journey to the Maximal underground base by foot. They pass through a few security gates, but Tri-Fire gains clearance. Soon they reach the base of operations. Once there they meet a big Transformer named Rumble.

“Good to see you again my friend!” He says to Tri-Fire. Rumble was about as large as Tri-Fire. His beast form was an elephant.

“Everyone, this is Rumble. He is one of our finest soldiers.”

“Your words are flattering, but over stated.” Rumble says.

“I’ll say!” Hip-Hop whispers to EagleClaw.

“Technobot will transfer your spark to a body better equipped for fighting, shortly. But right now I am taking them to meet our leader.” Tri-Fire informs him.

The group, now joined by Rumble, proceeds deeper into the base until they come upon the quarters of the Maximal resistance leader. Tri-Fire walks in and has a word with him. He comes back out and says, “Optimus, he wants to talk with you alone.”

Optimus walks in slowly. The Transformer he sees has a bat like form. He could tell this Transformer had been in many battles and seen many things.

“I have been told you are the one called Optimus,” the Maximal leader says.

“Optimus Major,” he answers.

There is a look of somewhat disappointment on the leader’s face. Optimus had no idea why.

“I once fought under a commander named Optimus. He was a wise and inspirational warrior.”

“Was this during the technorganic wars?” Optimus asks.

“Indeed it was. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is NightScream. I am the Supreme Commander of the Maximal Resistance Force.”

“Why did you want to see me first?” Optimus asks him.

“You like to get to the point. I admire that in a bot, Optimus Major. Very well, I will keep you in suspense no longer. But first we must include everyone else.”

Nightscream presses a button, and the door opens. The others walk in.

“Optimus Major, my time as the leader of the Maximals is coming to an end. I have fought many battles, and my spark is weary. I am ready to return to the Matrix. I now bestow leadership of the Maximals upon you.”

Optimus is in utter shock. He had anticipated that he would be asked to join the war against the Quintessons, but not as leader.

“I, I, I am just a security director! I cannot lead.”

“It is no coincidence that an Optimus was the first to arrive on Cybertron since the Quintesson invasion.” Nightscream says. “The Matrix brought you here. You were chosen to lead the Transformers out of this dark age.”

Optimus was a strong Transformer. Strong physically, and strong of spark. But this shook even him. Being a leader was a great honor, but also a great responsibility. He did not know if he was capable of handling the job, but he could not disappoint the current leader.

“I will not dishonor your decision,” Optimus replies. “I will accept leadership of the Maximals.”

“You will not be alone. You will have the strength and knowledge of the great Autobot and Maximal leaders of the past.”

“What is he talkin’ about?” Hip-Hop asks.

Tri-Fire bumps him, signaling for him to keep quiet.

“I now pass on to you the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, as it was passed on to me. Protect it, for it will guide you to victory.....”

Nightscream’s chest plate opens, and the Autobot Matrix emerges. It emits a bright light that has everyone covering their eyes. Optimus opens his chest plate and takes in the Matrix. His body begins to glow, and he feels a surge in power. His super structure begins to change. The organics fade away. Optimus now has a transformer body 12 million years in the making. The Autobot Matrix has given him the power to defeat the Quintessons. When he looks back up, Nightscream has passed on.