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Review: Princess Mononoke
  The following review is on the dub of Princess Mononoke. This review reflects the opinion of the writer, not the website as a whole. Written by ipmzero.


  Princess Mononoke is a tale of the struggle of a young boy named Ashitaka. He kills a forest god that attacks his village. The giant boar had become a demon, and before Ashitaka killed the boar god it placed a curse on him. A scar on his arm reminds him of this deadly curse that will eventually kill him. Ashitaka leaves his village to find out what happened to turn the boar god into a demon, and see if perhaps the forest spirit can cure him. On his journey he runs into a chaotic situation involving an iron town and the beasts of the forest. Ashitaka must deal with this deteriorating situation while at the same time worrying about the curse that has been placed upon him.


  The idea and story behind Princess Mononoke is quite intriguing. The movie keeps you interested. The animation is pretty good. The dub was done fairly well. Overall I would say this movie was pretty good. I had a few problems with Princess Mononoke, however. One major problem I had was with the voice acting. There were a lot of big name actors and actresses in this movie, but they didn't do a good job at all. They seemed to have a lot of trouble expressing emotion in the film. Most of the characters seemed to be very bland, with the exception of San and Jigo. The voice acting could have been better. Perhpas they should have hired professional voice actors. Grade A-

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