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Ranma: Characters

Ranma Saotome

Age: 16

Bios:Engaged to Akane (due to a agreement between Genma and Soün, for Ranma to marry a Tendö), to Ukyö (due to Genma being greedy) at age of 5, sort of engaged to Shampoo (due to a tribal custom) and is also pursued by Tatewaki Kunö in female form, and Kodachi in male form. His worst enemies are himself, Ryöga and Mousse and just about everyone else to some degree.

He is the main character of the story, personally, he has no hope. He is extremely well verse in all different forms of martial arts, taught to him by his father as well as other people he met.

Genma Saotome

Age: between 35-40?

Bios:Gamma told his wife that he would raised his son as men among men and set off with Ranma at a young age to train him in the world as martial arts. He is often in his panda form being a lazy bum and eating. He can't talk in his panda form but often uses signs when he wants to talk.

He often tries to teach Ranma the ways of the world and tries to get him close to Akane, but a lot of times his own self-fish acts and rude manners gets him in will see where Ranma gets his personality from.

Soun Tendo

Age: between 35-40?

Bios:The owner of the Tendö döjö, and the emotional father of Kasumi, Nabiki and Akane. He is a long time friend of Genma, and had agreed to arrange a marriage between Ranma and one of his daughters.

Tendo acts a lot like Genma at times, but he is a lot more responsible when matters are at hand. He wants Ranma and Akane to be married so that he may pass on his döjö.

Akane Tendo

Age: 16

Bios:The youngest Tendö daughter, and the only one who is training in martial arts. Is particularly admired and loved by the boys of her school, who used to attack her every morning until shortly after Ranma arrived, and beat Kunö. She is pretty, and can be cute, but often doesn't act like a normal girl would and is quite a tom-boy. ( Just like me!)*

Her relationship with Ranma is thin at best. There has been many times where she shows feelings for Ranma, but often regrets them later for some stupid thing Ranma dose later.

Nabiki Tendo

Age: 17

Bios:In the year above Akane in school, she is also pretty much removed from the problems that trouble most of the characters, and also takes a fairly relaxed attitude, but she enjoys making money, and isn't too choosy how she does it which makes her pretty greedy at times.

She is the most level headed person in the whole anime! Even though she loves to con people, she would never "hurt" someone on purpose, she is always upset of how Ranma reacts over Akane.

Kasumi Tendo


Bios: The oldest of the Tendo daughters, she takes care of the everyday household chores likes cooking and cleaning, and is a quiet and peaceful young girl. Which is why I refer to her as the "mother figure" of the anime, since Soun's wife passed away.

She is every mans's dream girl, she is beautiful and loving and never gets upset at all...I don't think I have ever seen her mad....if you get a gold star.


Age:I'm guessing 16 too

Bios: After female-Ranma beat her, she followed Ranma back to Japan for revenge to kill her because she gave her the kiss of death after Ranma ate her reward dinner during a tournament. Then when male-Ranma beat her and she now has to marry him by the laws of her village

Shampoo is Chinese which would explain her high-pitch sweet voice. She is a very skillful martial artist and she loves Ranma with all her heart. She and her grandmother owns a Chinese restruant. She also has a cat transformation form,which is bad for Ranma, he has a fear of cats. One of the many girls who worship Ranma...personally a better choice to pick to marry in my opinion, she is so cute!!!

Tatewaki Kuno

Age: 17

Bios: Kunö's world was turned upside-down, when Ranma arrived, kicked him off his no.1 spot and was engaged to Akane. A haughty young man, who was feared, but now is more of a joke, his main (and only significant except for his crazy sister) enemy is Ranma, who gets in his way to Akane and "Osage no Onna's" love.

Let's face it....Kuno is a dumb-ass...he is so stupid, he can't even figure out that girl-type Ranma is Ranma! Even when he changed right in front of him! He is a kendo sword master and always carries his sword with him. No matter how many time Kuno can't beat Ranma. He is often cooning his love between Akane and girl-type Ranma.

Ryoga Hibiki

Age: 16

Bios: Ryoga was once and probably still is the former rival of Ranma since they was in grade school. Years ago, Ryoga changelled Ranma to a fight,but his total lack of sense of direction, he never made it to the fight which was behind the school. He blames Ranma for him being in his P-chan pig transformation form.

Other then Kuno, he is the most mentally changelled person. He has NO sense of direction. You tell him to go to the store he will end up on the other side of the country. Many believe his no sense of direction is due to his genetics...his parents are just as bad!

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