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A dark shadow falls over the mortal world. The evil dynasty has returned to conquer our world. A young girl named Mia and her grandfather are the only ones who know of the coming danger. When watching the news Mia notices a strange young man on the TV screen. Her grandfather claims the boy must be a Ronin Warrior. This boy may be able to save the world. Mia heads into town to meet him. Just as she arrives a dynasty soldier crosses over into our world. The boy confronts him and announces himself to be Ryo of the Wildfire. The dynasty soldier attacks Ryo, cutting his shirt. Ryo tears off his clothes revealing his sub-armor. Ryo goes on to fight the soldier and get thrashed. Just when the soldier is about to finish Ryo off, someone blocks the soldiers death blow. It is another Ronin Warrior, Rowen of Strata. Soon three more warriors show up: Sage of the Halo, Kento of Hardrock, and Cye of the Torrent. The Ronin Warriors call upon the power of their mystical armor to beat the dynasty soldier, but even with their armor power they are still losing. The dynasty soldier then takes Mia and a young boy named Yuli hostage. This is the last straw for Ryo. He uses his finishing attack, the Wildfire Flare, and destroys the dynasty soldier. Just when he thought the day was one, the four dark warlords of the dynasty show up. They declare that this world is theirs now. The Ronin Warriors learn that Talpa, master of the evil dynasty, is bent on conquering the mortal world. A long and grueling battle with the dynasty has begun.

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