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Name: ipmzero
Other Websites:
Additional Info:

Email address:
What to email me about: You can email me site submissions or suggestions. If you have interesting news related to anime feel free to send it in.

Name: Denzu
Other Websites: Digimon: The Forgotten Series
Additional Info:Been an anime lover for three years. Started with DBZ and from there on since loved anime. Favorite anime shows include DBZ,Digimon,Gundam Wing, Monster Rancher, and Cowboy Bebop.

Email address:
What to email me about:Gundam rumors or news that I might not have caught wind of yet.

Name: Ravergirl
Other web sites: none at this time!
Additional Info: I basicly sign up to help out here because I'm a starting journalist and what better place to excersise my writing skills and my love for anime then here. I'm very grateful for the chance to be on the team and hope yall like my stuff!!

Email address:
What to e-mail me about: Just about anything, I love to hear from other otaku's and any help to help my writing and if any one has any suggestions, let me have it!!!

Name: Lil Poetboy
Other web sites: Inside My Head
Additional Info: As a anime fan and as an otaku, I am happy to be a part of this site. Still trying to handle both this project, my own online journal as well as college,I wish I would be able to put more time into this. But I will continue to support and give updates about Trigun and soon my other favorite anime,Slayers.

Email address:
What to e-mail me about: Any good fan art for any anime that you would like to see up. Or just a friendly "hello" Or to tell me how horrible I am :)

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