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Ronin Warriors: Characters

Name: Ryo
Armor: Wildfire
Symbol: Virtue
Attack: Flare Up Now
Description: Ryo is the leader of the Ronin Warriors. He will do anything to help his friends. Ryo has a short temper, and is sometimes to quick to jump into action. Ryo's weapons are two twin kitanas. Ryo's armor power comes from the volcano. Ryo also commands the white armor of Inferno, which is formed when all five Ronin armors come together. When using the armor of Inferno he has two other swords, the Soul Swords of Fervor.

Name: Rowen
Armor: Strata
Symbol: Life Force
Attack: Arrow Shock Wave
Description: Rowen is the most intelligent Ronin Warrior. He is always trying to think things through. He usually comes up with a plan to get the guys out of trouble. He is also the one who keeps Ryo from looking before he leaps. Rowen's weapon is a bow. On the back of his armor he has a container which holds an infinite amount of arrows. Rowen's armor power comes from the sky.

Name: Sage
Armor: Halo
Symbol: Wisdom
Attack: Thunder Bolt Cut
Description: Sage is the most peaceful of the Ronin Warriors. Like Rowen, he likes to think before he acts. While Sage is peaceful, he is not afraid to fight. Sage protects nature from the evil of the dynasty. Sage's weapon is a long and powerful sword. His power comes from light.

Name: Kento
Armor: Hardrock
Symbol: Justice
Attack: Iron Rock Crusher
Description: Kento isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. He is physically the strongest of all the Ronin Warriors, and he loves to fight. Kento is always hungry. He is probably the funniest member of the group as well. Kento's weapon is a staff with a detachable end. His power comes from the earth.

Name: Cye
Armor: Torrent
Symbol: Trust
Attack: Super Wave Smasher
Description: Cye is the most quiet Ronin Warrior. His shyness doesn't keep him from making a good joke about Kento every once in a while. Cye has an Australian accent, which is different from every other Ronin. Cye's weapon is a trident. His power comes from water.

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