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  We all know that the Autobots and Decepticons fought each other in the Great War. But did you know that at one time the two factions fought together. Do you know who created the Transformers. If not, then this is the section for you. Here you will find the history of the Transformers all the way to the present.

The Birth of the Transformers

  The Quintessons were a race of five faced beings. About 12 million years ago they turned an entire planet into a factory. This planet would become Cybertron. They built of race of half machine half animals called Trans-Organics. These creatures were to powerful and difficult to control, so they were put in suspended animation in the deepest levels of Cybertron. Next the Quintessons decided to go with a purely mechanical model. These robots were the first Transformers, even though they couldn't transform. The Quintessons proved to be quite lazy. They programmed the Transformers to have intelligence, and even gave the task of creating more Transformers to the Transformers themselves. Two different models of Transformers were used. Autobots were used for commercial use, while Decepticons were used for military use. This period of time in Transformer history lasted for about 1 million years.

The Revolution

  When the Quintessons programmed the Transformers with intelligence they may have inadvertently gave them emotions as well. Out of fear of a rebellion by their creations, the Quintessons built giant guardian robots to protect them from the Transformers. This worked for a millions years. After 1 million years of Quintesson rule, though, the Autobots had had enough. An Autobot known as A-3 built a device that was capable of shutting down the guardian robots. Now they had a chance to take the fight right to the Quintessons. The five faced aliens would have none of this. They fled the planet rather than fight the Transformers. They were now free, and at peace. As you will soon find out, peace would not last.

The Great War

  With the Quintessons gone the Transformers were free to rule themselves. The differences between the two factions were causing problems. The Autobots were comprised of scientists, workers, and technicians; while the Decepticons were soldiers. The Decepticons wanted conquest, but the Autobots wanted peace. War was inevitable, and soon occured. The Autobots were no match for the powerful Decepticons, so they used their intelligence. It was the Autobots who developed the art of Transformation. With this technique they were able to defeat the Decepticons. The Autobots ruled for centuries. This period of Autobot rule was known as the Golden Age of Cybertron. The Autobots built guardian robots similar to those the Quintessons used to keep the peace. The future looked bright for Cybetron.
  As you will learn from studying Transformer history, peace never lasts to long when it comes to Cybetron. Around 9 million years ago the tide began to turn again. The Decepticons soon learned how to transform. They also developed a form of anti-gravity that allowed them to fly. The Decepticons next built a warrior to lead them to victory: Megatron. Megatron lead the Decepticons to many victories. Things were looking grim for the Autobots. If not for the greatest of all cosmic luck they probably would have been obliterated by the Decepticons. The Aerialbots of 1985 were sent back in time by the Megatron of 1985. (Generation 1) He sent them back 9 million years. (To the battle I am currently describing.) Once there they met a young Autobot named Orion Pax. He was badly injured when Megatron attacked the facility he worked in. The Aerialbots took him to Alpha Trion (formerly known as A-3). Alpha Trion rebuilt him into Optimus Prime. Prime would be a new type of Autobot, one who could stand against Megatron.
  Eventually Optimus became the leader of the Autobots. He obtained the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. The Great War waged on for another 5 million years. Due to the stresses of the war Cybertron was running low on resources. Optimus led a crew of Autobots on a mission to find energy resources. The ship built for this purpose was the Ark. The Decepticons saw this as an oppurtunity to get the jump on the Autobots. Using the Nemesis, the flag ship of the Decepticon space fleet, they attacked and boarded the Ark. The ensuing battle caused the ship to crash land on Earth in a dormant volcano. They would remain there for the next 4 million years.

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