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The Sixty Billion Double-Dollar Man

  The setting is a bar. Talk of Vash the Stampede is in the air. He is rumored to be in this town. Many towns have been said to have crumbled at the hands of Vash. A blond haired man in a red coat sits and drinks his drink. Suddenly the roof is sliced off the bar by some kind of boomerang. Everybody takes off, but the guy in the red coat stays. Then we see the culprit. A humongous man(?) with a robotic arm. They are after Vash the Stampede for the reward on his head. The guy in the red coat draws his gun.....
  Meanwhile in the next town over two girls show up in a bar. They are Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson of the Bernardelli Insurance Society. They are looking for Vash the Stampede. They get a description of him and head out to find him. He is supposed to be a ten foot tall man with a mohawk. Meanwhile the guy in the red coat has been caught by the huge bounty hunter. Meryl and Milly show up thinking the bounty hunter is Vash. As if the situation wasn't confusing enough, another bounty hunter shows up thinking the first bounty hunter is Vash. A battle ensues, in which the guy in the red coat (the real Vash), Meryl, and Milly escape.
  Meryl explains to Vash (she doesn't know he's Vash) that they were sent to keep Vash under 24 hour survellance because he is an insurance hazard. Still thinking the first bounty hunter is Vash, Meryl and Milly head back to the his location. Once there they are captured and discover that the two bounty hunters have struck a deal. The big one is about to kill them when the real Vash comes charging in. He sets them free then runs for cover! By what seems to be an extreme case of luck, Vash manages to beat both of the bounty hunters. An explosive set by the second bounty hunter goes off and the town below is leveled. Luckily, no one was killed. Rumors begin to spread of another town demolished by Vash the Stampede......

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