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Truth of Mistake

  Meryl and Milly have entered a ghost town. It's completely deserted. They hear someone mention that Vash the Stampede has been hired as a bodyguard for Mr. Schezar. They set out to visit his house and find Vash.
  When they get there the guy in the red coat (Vash) answers the door. Meryl seems very annoyed at his presence, especially when he announces that he is Mr. Cliff Schezar's hired gunman. Cliff comes to the door and invites them in.
  It is later revealed that Cliff doesn't think this guy is Vash, but he spread the rumor that he was so people would leave town. Assassination attempts had been made on him due to the fact that he was hording water. Now that everyone had left town the water was his.
  There is another guest at his house as well. Marianne Aura Cayzen is the granddaughter of the director of the Bureau. It turns out she is investigating Mr. Shezar's situation, and discovers he illegally holds this water. He finds her snooping and attempts to kill her. Vash shows up and saves her, but when one of Mr. Shezar's stray bullets hits the machinery the town above is flooded. As he walks away into the desert Vash laments at the fact that he will probably be blamed for this disaster as well.

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