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TV Schedule
  Need to know when your favorite shows come on? This is the section for you. All times are Easternl Standard Time. (United States)

Fox Kids- Fox's Saturday lineup of cartoons. Fox previously had a weekday afternnon block, but gave that time slot back to local affiliates beginning on January 1, 2002. This season will likely be Fox Kids last.

8:00 AM   Robots in Disquise
8:30 AM   Power Rangers Time Force
9:00 AM   Digimon
9:30 AM   Medabots
10:00 AM   The Ripping Friends
10:30 AM   Digimon
11:00 AM   Mon Colle Knights
11:30 AM   Alienators: Evolution Continues

Toonami- Cartoon Network's afternoon anime block. It has long been the home of Dragonball Z. The supporting cast of shows changes every few months.

5:00 PM   Tenchi Muyo
5:30 PM   Dragonball
6:00 PM   Dragonball Z
6:30 PM   Batman Beyond

Midnight Run
12:00 AM   Dragonball Z
12:30 AM   Outlaw Star

Super Saturdays
1:00 PM   Dragonball Z
1:30 PM   Dragonball Z
2:00 PM   Dragonball Z
2:30 PM   Dragonball Z

Adult Swim- Cartoon Network's anime block for mature audiences. Aired late Sunday and Thursday nights. Starting on February 23, 2002, Adult Swim will move to Saturday. Here is the new schedule. It is subject to change.

9:30 PM   Samurai Jack
10:00 PM   Justice League
10:30 PM   Batman Beyond
11:00 PM   Yu Yu Hakusho
11:30 PM   Cowboy Bebop
12:00 PM   Pilot Candidate
12:30 PM   Gundam 0083
1:00AM   Outlaw Star
1:30 AM   Tenchi Muyo
2:00 AM   Superman: The Animated Series
2:30 AM   Batman: The Animated Series
3:00 AM   Birdman
3:30 AM   Space Ghost
4:00 AM   Herculoids
4:30 AM   Jonny Quest

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